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09 Apr SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS Marketing is an essential ingredient for any successful marketing campaign, with 98% of messages opened within the first three minutes of delivery. For business, the impact of text message penetration is now greater than ever before. Consumers who are sent text messages have a 40% higher conversion rate than those who are not sending text messages.

We are increasingly becoming a mobile-first society.  76% of adults now own a smartphone, while a staggering 94% own a mobile phone.

Bulk SMS helps you connect with your existing users, while also potentially allowing you to make new customers.

There are more than a few reasons why bulk text marketing is so popular with business owners. So we decided to jot down a few of them. Below are 10 benefits of using bulk sms:

  1. 100% Market Potential

Everyone has a mobile phone these days and the only messaging app on every single mobile phone is your SMS app.

  1. High Open Rate

As previously mentioned, text Messages have an open rate of 98% compared to email marketing has an open rate of 23%. You can be pretty much guaranteed your bulk text messages will be read by your customers.

  1. Instant Opt-in and Opt-Out

With the use of mobile keywords customers can easily opt-in or opt-out of receiving messages from you. It gives customers total control, which is the way it should be.

  1. Permission-Based Marketing

Following on from that, bulk text marketing is permission-based marketing. You may only send messages to people who have allowed you to do so. This means your messages are received and welcomed and contributes to the high conversion rates of bulk text marketing. Marketing always works better when you have received permission from your customers.

Combining permission-based marketing with bulk texting your customer’s results in the highest response rates of any marketing channel. Overall industries there is a 12% response rate with some industries like FMCG, retail, and entertainment getting much higher rates.

  1. Customers love it

Customers have asked to receive updates about your business which means they are interested in the services you provide. The proof of how much customers love bulk text is in the conversion rates which beat all other marketing channels.

  1. Flexible Platform

Send your message now, or schedule for later. Personalize the message to each customer’s first name, send an automatic text on someone’s birthday. There are lots of options with most bulk text platforms.

  1. Instant Delivery

Your messages are delivered in seconds to your customers. 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt. So if you want to see immediate results, use bulk text.

  1. Reliable

SMS has been around for 20 years now and trillions of text messages have been sent using the technology.

  1. Mobile Friendly

Bulk Text messages are compatible with every mobile phone and with consumers spending more time connected via their mobile than desktops it is a must for business owners to have a mobile marketing strategy.

  1. Bulk SMS has high conversion rates
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