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15 May Magazine Design

Digital Pixels believe magazines had a cultural impact on our society long before the Internet ever became a thing and way before social media ever took off. Back before news were instantly accessible at the tap of your fingers on your smartphones, folks got a good deal of their news analysis and opinion from print.
Today, magazines are still a force when it comes to influencing people’s opinions and shaping pop culture. This influence has carried over to the web, as all print magazines have online content or even dedicated editions right on their websites.
Your favorite magazines’ websites have also given these publications another opportunity to show off their design chops when it comes to considerations like layouts, proportions, trends and aesthetics. In fact, some magazines’ websites look like an entire team carefully planned a veritable, virtual layout of a print publication…right on the Internet.
We can customize your magazine and create a business to business publication via print or digital platform.
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