Features every small business website must have (Part 3)

07 Mar Features every small business website must have (Part 3)

Let us discuss what your inner pages should contain:

  1. About us content
  2. Inner page content
  3. Contact form
  4. Captcha/ Anti-spam feature
  5. Private policy page
  6. FAQ Page


At Digital Pixels, we take spam seriously as this impacts on the running of your business as spam now contains malware, with hackers sending cleverly disguised emails to your business.

 Picture1Once clicked by an employee, it infects your computer system (virus) or steals your private data (phishing). The malware can then spread across the entire computer network and beyond, even to your clients and vendors. The very fact that your employees must pause and examine every single link and attachment adds hours of lost productivity. Occasionally, spam is so convincing that only an expert would be able to visually identify it. Employees are also more likely to miss an important email, either not seeing it arrive at the same time as a spam attack or becoming overwhelmed with the sheer number of emails.

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