Why AdWords Is Vital for your Business


19 Jul Why AdWords Is Vital for your Business


Your Google ads are an army of 100,000 tiny salesmen traversing the entire Southern Africa for you, and you only have to pay their salaries when the customers crack open their doors to listen to them.

Advertising is selling in print. That means the words Digital Pixels will use to run your AdWords campaign are the same words you would use when you are on the phone or sitting across from a prospect, convincing him to buy something.

So, the next time you roll out a product, you can have a 75 percent or better chance of success by using Digital Pixels to assist in measuring your traffic, allowing you to know how much demand there is for your product.

Be reassured that when Digital Pixels runs your AdWords campaign it will not be an absolute mess, with no rhythm or reason, or keywords not matching each other, ads not matching the keywords, and landing pages not matching the ads.

Let Digital Pixels personally manage each campaign to convert and perform at optimal levels.

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